Our Engagement Story + Photos

Our Engagement Story + Photos

Okay, so a little over due but… we have FINALLY gotten around to doing our engagement photos and getting them up on the blog. Along with the photos I wanted to get a little personal and share a little bit about Andrew and I’s relationship and the story of our engagement here on the blog with all of you.

It all started way back in high school. Andrew was in gr.12 and I was in gr.11, our lockers were assigned beside each other and I had a major crush on him. We would talk in between classes and always meet up by our lockers, I made him cookies one day (I know I sound lame, but he seriously LOVES cookies) and apparently they won his heart over. We started hanging out more, went on a few dates. He asked me to grad and the rest is history.

Now it’s so crazy for me to look back on high school 7 years later and think of all the memories we share together, the good and the bad. No relationship is perfect we had some hard times between doing long distance but we made it through and I feel beyond lucky to now be engaged to my best friend and love of my life.

This past fall Andrew and I did some traveling together and went on a trip to Europe. We went to London, Ireland, Spain and Italy. We started off in London and that is where Andrew proposed. We had met up with his cousin from England that day and he played a huge role in helping Andrew get these amazing photos. We were having a typical tourist day walking around London and taking in all the sights, it was near the end of the when we got to this view point of Big Ben and Andrew got down on one knee to pop the question, and of course I said yes! It was the most perfect moment, he really did a good job of surprising me that day as I am sometimes the hardest person to surprise. Now we are planning a wedding together! and I totally plan on keeping everyone up to date on all my wedding planning details. We are just still trying to finalize a venue but we are hoping to get a 2017 September date. I can’t wait to keep you all in the loop for all things related to my wedding planning and decor choices!

Shop my engagement photo look here:


and without further ado here are our engagement photos!




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